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Critter Removal: Heartside, Grand Rapids' Premier in Bat Eviction & Wildlife Solutions 

Welcome to Critter Removal, the pinnacle of wildlife management in the Heartside district of Grand Rapids. Our renowned expertise is in bat mitigation and wildlife control. Since our establishment in Heartside in 2018, we've become the gold standard for addressing and rectifying various wildlife challenges.

Reasons Heartside Trusts Critter Removal:

  • In-depth Local Wisdom: The biodiversity of Heartside, Grand Rapids has its quirks. From bats nesting in urban crannies to raccoons navigating city parks, our hands-on experience covers the entire spectrum.

  • Our Pledge to Quality: We're not just about solutions; we're about humane, sustainable solutions. Heartside inhabitants can trust in our approach that values both effectiveness and ethical considerations.

  • Straightforward, Honest Pricing: Our reputation is built on trust. We uphold that with clear pricing that lacks unforeseen surprises.

Our Array of Wildlife Services in Heartside:

  • Bats – Our Specialty: Our squad boasts state-of-the-art strategies for bat control, ensuring ethical exclusion and preparing homes for bat-free futures.

  • Rodent Issues Resolved: Squirrels in the attic? Rats in the basement? We've got a tailored solution to ensure they don’t make repeat visits.

  • Larger Wildlife Dilemmas: Be it inquisitive raccoons or stray foxes, we employ strategies that prioritize humane treatment and effective deterrence.

  • Repair and Renewal: The aftermath of a wildlife visit can be daunting. Our restoration services are comprehensive – right from structural repairs to sanitation.

  • Around-the-Clock Wildlife Crisis Response: Nature doesn't follow our schedule. Hence, our dedicated emergency line is always active, particularly for pressing bat situations.

Critter Removal: Not Just About Bats:

While Heartside has its fair share of bat-related issues, our capabilities are extensive. Here's a glimpse:

  • End-to-End Pest Management: We handle minute nuisances with the same vigor as larger challenges, ensuring properties remain pest-free.

  • Fortifying Properties: A preventive stance can ward off potential invasions. We specialize in wildlife-proofing spaces, making recurrence a rarity.

  • Restoration Expertise: Any remnants of wildlife presence are systematically eradicated, ensuring spaces are restored to their prime.

The Critter Removal Seal of Assurance:

Accredited by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), our fully insured squad is more than just a service provider. We are Heartside's assurance of diligence, effectiveness, and compassion.

Our Work

A few samples of some of our recent work